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What colours are available?
We currently offer the following four colours:



Every diamond is unique, which means no two diamonds will have the exact same colour. The colour can be either very light or very bold. It is a sign of distinctiveness. Every diamond is one-of-a-kind.

Would my hair colour influence the color of my Augenstern Diamond?
No. Hair colour has no influence on either hair consistency or carbon content and hence no impact on the colour of your Augenstern Diamond. The colour you choose will result from different manufacturing processes.

Which sizes do you offer?
Augenstern Diamonds start at 0.2ct. Cut diamonds are available up to 1ct and rough diamonds up to 2.00 ct. Find a weight table here.

What is the maximum weight of an Augenstern Diamond?
You decide on the size of your Augenstern Diamond. Diamonds greater than 1.00 carat are very special and we will be happy to provide you with an individual quotation.

How long does it take to make an Augenstern Diamond?
The growing process will depend on the size of your Augenstern Diamond, amounting to about 12 weeks for diamonds up to 0.6ct, and about 20 weeks for diamonds greater than 0.6ct. Owing to the complicated manufacturing process, the larger the diamond the longer the delivery time.

How much hair do you need?
With at least 10 grams of hair, we can assure you that your Augenstern Diamond will be generated entirely from your personal carbon. If you provide less hair, you can either send more hair later or we will add anonymous carbon. Whenever we add carbon, we will indicate the percentage on the certificate.

How much is 10 g of hair?
10 grams corresponds to a hand full of hair.

Who do I send the hair to?
Once the contract is signed, your Augenstern representative will provided you with a hair bag. You fill it with your hair and give it to your representative. He will identify the bag with your personal reference number and forward it to Augenstern Diamonds AG.

How much carbon does hair contain?
The average percentage of the element C (carbon) is between 35% and 45%.  Upon receipt of the hair, we will test it to determine the actual carbon concentration. This information will also be indicated on your certificate.

Can you make an Augenstern Diamond out of one ringlet of hair?
Yes. We can make your Augenstern Diamond out of one ringlet. The personal carbon content will just be smaller.

Can you mix hair from different people?
Yes. Hair from different people can be mixed, for example, to produce diamonds as an expression of love or to commemorate family milestones.

Can you mix human hair with animal hair?
In principle, yes.  Please contact us for further information in this regard.

Can you only use scalp hair?
No. Any human hair can be used to produce an Augenstern Diamond.

Can I be sure that the carbon comes from my own hair?
Yes. We assure you that the carbon used has been extracted from your hair. We also have processes in place to ensure mix-ups never happen. We offer you certification from a notary as well as a verification of the production process.

How are the different colours made?
Normally, graphite is exposed to ambient air before it is transformed into a diamond. The nitrogen contained in the air as well as in graphite produces a yellow coloration in the diamond. This yellow colour can be very light or quite intensive.

Green is generated by placing the diamond into a controlled radiation field.

Red diamonds are generated through a specific impact on the crystal lattice of the diamond. This modification is created using another growth environment and higher pressure.

To create a blue diamond, the graphite has to be kept free of nitrogen atoms. The bluish colour is derived from the element Boron in the diamond.

I would like to order several Augenstern Diamonds. Can they be coloured differently?
You can definitely order diamonds in different colors, since each diamond is crafted individually.

Why isn’t it possible to get a white Augenstern Diamond?
The graphite is inevitably exposed to ambient air before being transformed into a diamond. The nitrogen in the air causes the yellow color.

Why do the different colors of Augenstern Diamonds have different prices?
Producing the various colors requires additional manufacturing processes, some of which are more costly.

How valuable is an Augenstern Diamond in comparison with a natural diamond?
Augenstern Diamonds are unique in that they contain a part of you or your loved ones. This intangible value makes them priceless. This to your mind may or may not justify a higher price. But ask yourself the question: Do you really want anyone else owning your personal Augenstern Diamond?

What does “carbon ratio” mean?
The carbon ratio means the proportion of personal body carbon within an Augenstern Diamond. The carbon content of the diamond will be indicated on the certificate. With a carbon ratio of 100%, the Augenstern Diamond will be made entirely from your body’s own carbon.

What is the difference between a synthetic diamond and an Augenstern Diamond?
As the term synthetic implies, synthetic diamonds are artificial diamonds that have nothing in common with real diamonds. Augenstern Diamonds are real diamonds. Though they are made in a laboratory, they grow under natural conditions and therefore show the characteristics of natural diamonds. Moreover, an Augenstern Diamond is more than a gemstone will ever be – because it is personal. Our diamonds are individually crafted.

Is an Augenstern Diamond a genuine diamond?
Yes. A diamond is defined as a hexagonal carbon lattice. Mined diamonds and Augenstern Diamonds have the same optical, chemical and physical characteristics. Beyond that an Augenstern Diamond is connected with you – simply more than just a diamond.

Is the date of delivery to be seen as a fixed date?
No. The cultivation phase depends on different natural factors that cannot be predicted. For this reason it is not possible to give an exact delivery date. It will always be an estimated date.

Will I get the Augenstern Diamond in the ordered weight?
The ordered weight cannot be guaranteed.  If the final size is less than ordered the price will be reduce in proportion but generally we deliver the exact weight, if the size is a little bit more than ordered, they will be no extra cost for you.

What cuts are available?
We offer brilliant, emerald and princess as standard cuts. Other cuts are available on request. Our Augenstern representatives will advise you.

Will I receive my Augenstern Diamond in the cut ordered?
If ever your Augenstern Diamond can only be cut in a certain way due to inclusions and unfavorable growth, you will be informed and your approval will be sought.

Why do I have to certify that the hair I send to you is my own hair?
Permission to use a person’s body parts is required. Donors therefore have to consent to the use of their hair.

Is the 0.2ct diamond the smallest you offer?
Yes, the 0.2ct corresponds to the smallest size Augenstern Diamond. Alternatively, we offer 3 x 0.15ct for the price of a 0.4ct, but only for diamonds from the same carbon source and in the same color.

If you have an other question? Feel free to contact us.