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Diamond Creation

Your Augenstern Diamond is manufactured in four steps:

1. Extraction of the carbon derived from your hair (carbonization)

2. Transformation of the carbon into graphite (graphitization)

3. Transformation of the graphite into a diamond

4. Quality control of the rough diamond and cut, certification and delivery


Step 1:  carbonization

Your Augenstern Diamond is generated exclusively from your body’s own carbon extracted from your hair. The average portion of the element Carbon (C) in hair is between 35% and 45%. We use a specially developed chemical process to separate this carbon from the other elements in hair.

Step 2:  graphitization

In this step, carbon is transformed into graphite. Graphite is the starting material for the cultivation of your Augenstern diamond.

Step 3: cultivation of your Augenstern diamond

In a high pressure and high temperature environment, the graphite is then converted into a cubic crystal lattice and your Augenstern diamond is gradually formed, atom by atom.

Step 4: Quality Control

The rough diamond is cut to the required shape. The final step is certification and then your Augenstern Diamond is ready for you to enjoy.

The Augenstern Diamonds are created with a level of reliability and accuracy that only the Swiss can achieve.


How is your Augenstern Diamond produced?

The uniqueness of an Augenstern Diamond is not solely due to the fact that it is made from your own body carbon. You also have the option of determining the number, colour, weight and cut of your Augenstern Diamond. More information here: Your Younique Diamond

Your Augenstern representative will be pleased to help you in creating your own Augenstern Diamond.